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Portable DIY Home Pulley Cable System WithHeavy Load Capacity! 

Sturdy steel construction, durable nylon rope, can be used with standard discus, is a special efficient trainer for wrist and forearm strength

Made of durable braided nylon to provide a comfortable grip, with rubber plugs at the end to prevent hands from falling off the rope, strong nylon rope and chrome-plated parts, with strap hooks and handles, to meet a variety of training.

It can help you quickly improve your performance in any activity and is ideal for exercising arms, back, shoulders, abdomen and improving grip strength.

It’s very easy to use, you can connect it to the cable pulley in the home gym or take it with you to a regular gym.

Product Specifications:

Strap: Nylon Pulley: Stainless Steel 
Loading pin: Width 7.4cm,lenth 22cm, Diameter 18mm Cable length 2M(adjustable), Carabiner length 6.8cm, Strap length 23.5cm


1. PULLEY BLOCK LABOR-SAVING DESIGN: The pulley rotate 360-degree prevents the rope from twisting, and a smooth roller ensures a good traverse of the rope.

2. SMOOTH SLIDING & MUTE: Smooth sliding, high-quality nylon card slot design, mute, enjoy the fun of movement. 

3. CONVENIENT TO USE: Flexible sliding pulley with heavy load capacity for numerous applications, Loading 200kg. 

4. 78 INCH CABLE OF TRAVEL: The long cable length can be adjusted allows for a variety of workouts where you may require longer cable length, such as seated Lat-pulls, Abdominal Workouts.


Suspended weight should not exceed 40lb, weight bells are not included in this product

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